Food Safety Culture

Food safety culture can be described as a complex group of practices, attitudes and behaviours by employees and company owners who are engaged in manufacturing processes.  The key principles - awareness and attention to detail - are the key to reducing and avoiding food safety issues.  Commitment to food safety by senior management not only demonstrates one of the principal company values, but it also serves as a constant example for employees to follow.  Communication is essential between management and employees to establish trust so that employees feel empowered to speak up if they have safety concerns.  System-based steps are appropriate and they should be in place to enhance food safety however food safety culture is a way of life.

How can Security Exchange help your company develop its food safety culture?  We do this by training and providing relevant information and experience incorporating the 6 key areas of food safety culture. These are - management commitment, responsibilities, communication and training, adequate resources, monitoring and review and continuous improvement.

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