Crisis Management and Response

Effective crisis management means implementing pre-planned and rehearsed processes, complying with duty of care obligations, and enabling swift recovery from incidents with the minimum possible impact on business continuity and brand/reputation.

In a world of ever evolving threats, SE24 can help clients to identify, monitor, prepare for, respond to and recover from, a wide range of crises, including KRE, Product Integrity, Cyber, Travel Security and more.

With a collaborative approach, SE24 can enable clients to understand their risks, identify priorities and make informed decisions, using bespoke tailored processes. We offer a number of comprehensive support services including leading-edge technology to monitor ever-evolving risks and threats and deploy a range of capabilities.

Our Head Office team have decades of collective experience of real-world incidents and supervise a global team of specialist consultants who are strategically located to respond swiftly and effectively.

As part of the Chelsea Group, SE24 have the experience and the on-the-ground capability to support our clients globally, regardless of the type of crisis, responding with speed and integrity.

Our Crisis Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prevention and mitigation work
  • Policy and procedure reviews and testing
  • Training, remotely and in-person, including desktop and simulations
  • Business continuity planning
  • 24/7 global response, including in hostile and challenging environments
  • Post-incident support

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