The ongoing coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has resulted in extraordinary measures around the world to contain, slow the pace and reduce the impact of the virus. 

With such vast global resources committed to trying to control the spread of the virus, understandably, theories and findings will vary from country to country. Recent breakthroughs with potentially effective vaccines will begin to help us to recover from the effects of the virus but the economic and human effects will be long lasting. It is likely that we will be recovering from the virus well before we have fully understood how and under what circumstances it can be spread and how it can be prevented, and so we need to be even more vigilant in the actions we take to prevent the spread of the virus.

Security Exchange has monitored the life-cycle of this virus and has provided our clients with regular updates from our experts. 

If in any doubt about how the management of Covid-19 should be incorporated into food safety culture, contact Security Exchange. 

In the period of lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions, Security Exchange experts participated in a series of talking heads discussing various aspects of the pandemic and how it might impact on businesses. Whilst events have overtaken some of the content in the interviews, they still present a historical and informative narrative that we hope you will find useful. Security Exchange can organise and make available other, similar, interviews covering a range of subject matter designed to assist our clients with internal training: