Food Safety Training

The term ‘food safety’ is an all-embracing term used for the systems which ensure any food being served is safe to eat. Food hygiene is an element of food safety, along with many other aspects such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). Every company producing or handling food needs impeccable food safety systems whilst ensuring all staff have undergone food hygiene training, commensurate with their work activity.

Using a network of training specialists linked to several accredited global training organisations, Security Exchange can provide professionally approved or bespoke training to your organisation, either remotely or on-site. The range and academic level, from foundation to higher awards, is often indicated as level 1 to 4. Programme training may include such topics as allergen control, labelling, root cause analysis, traceability, food vacuum packing, HACCP, VACCP, TACCP, risk assessment, supplier approval process, internal and external audits and supply chain management.