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Security Exchange Newsletter | March

01 April 2021

The March edition of InTouch Monthly includes the attack on Palma in Mozambique, the political and health crisis in Brazil and the debate sparked by the killing of Sarah Everard in the UK. We also cover the new interim government in Libya and the deadly fire at a camp for Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | February

01 March 2021

The February edition of InTouch Monthly covers the fresh outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, along with the rising violence in Colombia, political unrest in Haiti and the fallout from the coup in Myanmar. We also look at the anti-government protests in Thailand, the conflict in the Marib province of Yemen and the power struggle between Armenia's prime minister and the army.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | January

01 February 2021

The first edition of the InTouch Monthly for 2021 comes a year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global public health emergency in response to the outbreak of coronavirus in China. At that time just over 200 people had died; one year later and the virus has claimed more than 2.2m lives across the world. We look at some of the areas where the virus is having the most significant impact, alongside other key issues such as the Afghan peace talks and the farm law protests in India.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | November

04 December 2020

The November edition of InTouch Monthly covers the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and the recent suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan, which have occurred as the government and the Taliban continues peace talks. In the US, Joe Biden faces a number of significant challenges when he takes office in January, including how he can revive the Iran nuclear deal. This issue has been made more complicated by the assassination of Iran's nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | September

05 October 2020

The main topics in this edition of the InTouch Monthly are the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, and the news from Washington DC that US President Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19. We also look ahead to the upcoming elections in Cote d'Ivoire and neighbouring Guinea, alongside an update on the ongoing protests in Belarus against President Lukashenko.

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Covid-19 – Business Continuity - A Continual Process for Business Survival

25 September 2020

Business owners across the globe are reeling from the devastating effects of Covid-19. Those with business continuity management systems (BCMS) that they have been able to implement will have been better prepared to address the challenges presented by the initial effects of the pandemic, however that is not to say that such businesses are now able to relax. It is predicted that Covid-19 will linger until such times as an effective vaccine is discovered. In some cases, operating restrictions may be implemented locally or nationally depending on rates of infections and hence, all businesses need to be able to react accordingly.

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Covid-19 – Second Wave Prediction – Have We Finally Woken up to Crisis Preparedness?

11 September 2020

In May this year, Security Exchange specialists posted an article relating to crisis preparedness specifically in respect of Covid-19. All articles can be re-read in our on-line library. The main theme of the article was to highlight the importance of collating all information and basing crisis preparedness strategies around the resources available. At the time, observers commented on the fact that despite being made aware of the potential for a pandemic crisis to occur, crisis managers did little to prepare organisations and society in general for the chaotic effects which Covid-19 unleashed across the globe. Criticism was levelled at the UK Government for failing to take on board findings from the much publicised ‘Cygnus’ project. More specifically, the Government and NHS came under intense scrutiny over their ability … ‘to review its response to an overwhelmed service with reduced staff availability’.

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Covid-19 – Food Safety Concerns and Enforcement Action

09 September 2020

In the post-Covid-19 world, it is perhaps timely to carry out a review of global food safety-related issues. The following short article, produced by Security Exchange Specialists, provides an overview of the actions which enforcement agencies are beginning to take - flexing their muscles and regaining control of the risk-based approach to food safety enforcement.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | August

03 September 2020

In this edition of the InTouch Monthly we assess the recent coup in Mali and the massive explosion which ripped through Lebanon's capital, Beirut. We also look at the ongoing political unrest in Belarus following the disputed elections and the tensions between Greece and Turkey in the Mediterranean. In the Americas, we focus on the corruption case against former president Alvaro Uribe, while in Asia we look at the upcoming peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

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Covid-19 – Transmission in Food and Packaging

14 August 2020

Security Exchange product contamination experts are aware of the latest reports out of China relating to possible contamination by Covid-19 via food packaging. Conscious that these reports are not new, we have written this short paper to inform stakeholders who continue to be alarmed by such news. We remain open-minded and aware that there may be a myriad of agendas being brought into the discussion and our short analysis revisits the science and findings shared so far.

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US-UK Bilateral Trade Deal

13 August 2020

The authors are aware that the range of products, services and trade agreements included in the potential bilateral trade deal between the UK and the US will be extensive. However, to examine all aspects is beyond the intended scope of this report. Therefore, this report will concentrate mainly on the associated post-Brexit relations between the UK and the EU and subsequent newfound trade agreements which are proposed between the UK and the US. Concerns relating to standards of food hygiene have gained much attention, should this trade agreement be ratified, and we will attempt to examine the arguments for and against.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | July

05 August 2020

This edition of the InTouch Monthly is once again dominated by the global coronavirus pandemic. At the end of July, more than 17 million people had tested positive for the virus and 670,000 people had died across the world. The number of cases passed 500,000 in South Africa, while countries across Europe are reporting a rise in case numbers, prompting fears of a 'second wave.' Almost 100,000 people have been killed by the virus in Brazil, and the economic impact of the pandemic is causing civil unrest throughout South America.

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Covid-19 – Revisiting Health and Safety Workplace Standards

14 July 2020

Employers should now be reassessing health and safety standards associated with their places of work. Politicians and leading figures from health and safety enforcement agencies have emphasised the importance of implementing measures to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees returning to work. Security Exchange’s Grant Cropper takes a look at how the health and safety landscape for workplaces has altered.

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Security Exchange Newsletter | June

03 July 2020

This edition of the InTouch Monthly covers the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) alongside other key events that took place in June, such as the controversial new security law in Hong Kong, the economic crisis in Lebanon and the rise in criminality in parts of Latin America.

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Meat Processing Plants - A microclimate for Covid-19

01 July 2020

With close to 30,000 meat plant workers in the US and Europe testing positive with Covid-19 symptoms and around 100 deaths, questions are once more being asked if the coronavirus can be transmitted on the surface of food and indeed whether the food is safe to eat. Eric Smith and other meat industry experts share their opinions on this latest coronavirus concern and provide an explanation as to why so many outbreaks may be occurring within meat and poultry processing plants.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Fraud & Scams

16 June 2020

Over recent months, there has been a significant increase in the reporting of fraudulent activity, as criminals and fraudsters exploit the global coronavirus pandemic. Some of these so-called 'Covid-19 scams' involve selling protective equipment or hygiene products. INTERPOL recently issued a warning, encouraging the public to exercise caution when purchasing medical supplies online due to the universal surge in Covid-19 scams. Surgical masks and other medical supplies are in high demand and in some cases hard to obtain commercially – leading to criminal exploitation of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. Scammers will go to extreme lengths to give the illusion of legitimacy, including setting up fake websites, online shops, email addresses and even social media accounts to sell fake or counterfeit items.

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