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Power Struggle

20 June 2019

A massive power outage has affected millions of people across Argentina and Uruguay. In the early hours of Sunday morning, nearly 50 million people across both countries were without electricity. Airports were still operating with the aid of generators, but disruption to public transport and major roads was reported both in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. In Argentina, while some parts of the country were still waking up to celebrate Father’s Day, some provinces were scheduled to hold their local elections. Although blackouts in Argentina are not a new issue, the latest was labelled the largest.

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Vow of Silence

04 April 2019

The relationship between Uruguay’s presidency and the military has suffered a recent blow after President Tabare Vazquez sacked Defence Minister Jorge Menendez and several high-level military officials. The current political shockwave affecting the outgoing presidency regards a high-profile dictatorship-era case being trialled at a special military ‘court of honour’. President Vazquez has accused members of the military board of committing to a vow of silence after they failed to disclose details surrounding the confession of former Major Colonel Jose Nino Gavazzo’s crimes during the civil-military regime.

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