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Suspicious Minds

07 March 2019

The East African neighbours Rwanda and Uganda share a complicated modern history which has seen periods of friendship and hostility. Current Rwandan President Paul Kagame fought in the guerrilla war that helped Yoweri Museveni seize power in Uganda in 1986. Rwandan fighters were absorbed into the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), with Kagame appointed chief of military intelligence. Later a senior group of officials, including Kagame, joined the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) which crossed the border and marched on Kigali in 1994 (with the support of Museveni) to end the Hutu-led genocide against the Tsutsis. Kagame was installed as Rwanda’s defence minister after the genocide before becoming president in 2000.

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Uganda's Women March Against Violence

05 July 2018

On Saturday hundreds of people took to the streets of Uganda to protests against the increasing violence against women in the country. The ‘One Million March' was organised by activists and rights groups, including Uganda's Women’s Protest Working Group, following a spike in violent attacks in the country. "We demand action and accountability for the rampant kidnapping, brutalising and murder of women in this country," said Lydia Namubiru, one of the event’s organisers. The ambassadors from France and the US also took part in the rally in a show of solidarity.

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