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Security Exchange Newsletter | February

01 March 2021

The February edition of InTouch Monthly covers the fresh outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, along with the rising violence in Colombia, political unrest in Haiti and the fallout from the coup in Myanmar. We also look at the anti-government protests in Thailand, the conflict in the Marib province of Yemen and the power struggle between Armenia's prime minister and the army.

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The Rohingya Crisis

12 December 2017

Tensions have long existed between various ethnic groups in Myanmar – in particular, between Burmese Buddhist and Rohingya Muslim groups. The deep-rooted ethnic tensions have been a major source of conflict in Myanmar, with Rohingya Muslims facing decades of persecution. While the Rohingya claim to be naturalised citizens of Myanmar, the government views the ethnic group as migrants from Bangladesh and has refused to grant Rohingya Muslims citizenship since 1982.

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