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31 January 2020

Russia - The country is set to face a new political era, with extensive political reforms expected to be introduced. President Vladimir Putin has already announced the introduction of presidential term limits while granting more political power to parliament. 2020 started with the surprise resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who was replaced by Mikhail Mishustin. However, the opposition and some members of the international community are sceptical of President Putin’s intentions. Despite some of the measures already being launched, some claim that President Putin is preparing a power grab to remain in control of Russian politics after he leaves in 2024. Despite being considered independent, Putin has long been associated with several political parties, including United Russia. It is still to be seen what the new political reforms will bring to Russia or if they are only cosmetic.

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Unmellow Yellow

06 December 2018

On Wednesday, the so-called ‘yellow vest’ (‘gilet jaune’) movement in France succeeded in pressuring the government into suspending rises in fuel taxes. While some have seen the suspension as a victory, others insist the government must make further concessions.

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France: Macron vs the Unions

03 May 2018

Dozens of major cities across the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe experienced street protests or demonstrations during the recent May Day celebrations. In Cuba thousands peacefully marched to support recently elected President Miguel Diaz-Canel, while in Puerto Rico violence spread across the streets of San Juan during anti-austerity protests. Marches also occurred across Turkey, Tunisia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Spain. In Barcelona thousands rallied to demand better salaries, while in Paris hundreds of anarchists were detained after raiding stores and setting cars ablaze across the French capital. In France, the International Workers’ Day coincided with tense negotiations between the government and major workers’ unions and associations, which have already caused widespread disruption to public services and travel.

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