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Australia's Big Wet

07 February 2019

Throughout the last week, severe floods in Townsville, Queensland, have forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. At least two deaths have been recorded and thousands of homes have been inundated with vast volumes of floodwater. The unprecedented flooding has been described as a 'once-in-a-century' occurrence and was triggered by heavy monsoon rains. As hundreds of Townsville residents return to their homes, others are preparing for yet more heavy rain as the wet weather heads south.

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Women’s Safety in Australia

24 January 2019

Last week, 21-year-old Arab-Israeli student Aiia Maasarwe was found dead near a tram stop in Melbourne, sparking a debate on the safety of women in Australia. It’s believed Maasarwe was sexually assaulted before she was killed, and the foreign student’s death is the latest in a series of fatal sexual assaults in the country.

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