Advisory Board

Ian Hannah, Brand Protection

Former MD in Allied Domecq with special responsibility for Brand Protection. SE advisor on brand and crisis communications. More...

Chris Larkin, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Former Head of Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery at Marks & Spencer Plc. Designs and delivers SE crisis management and continuity training worldwide. More...

Nigel Watson-Clark, Anti-Piracy

Former Royal Marine Commando, expert in anti-piracy measures. Advises on armed and unarmed pre-risk measures, response logistics and vessel recovery. More...

Mike Bennett, Media Training

Former ITN Producer and freelance journalist. Designs and delivers SE media training programmes. More...

Alan Branch, Personal Security & Close Protection

Former Scotland Yard Flying Squad. Specialist in witness protection and organized crime. 20 years’ experience in close protection, K&R security and high risk team management.

Bob Dulieu, Corporate Fraud & Criminal Investigations

Former Scotland Yard Detective with 20 years commercial investigations and surveillance experience.

Karen Masters, RSSL Ltd

Provides food safety and contaminant analysis for SE insured clients in both malicious and accidental contamination cases.

Kate Nowlan, Trauma Training & Response

CEO of CiC, specialists in trauma management for NGOs, Journalists and Emergency. Manages SE response to trauma worldwide.

Keith Davis, Security Exchange - Asia-Pacific

Former UK Special Forces and British police, with over 20 years’ experience in risk management (G4S). Handles all Asia-Pacific response operations.

Zach Finn, Security Exchange - US Product Recall

Zach is currently Clinical Professor & Director of Risk Management & Insurance Program at Butler University. He advises SE on food safety and product recall in North America.